Monday, March 30, 2015

Dark Waters- A Churning Global Political Rightwing Wave

A confluence of events is brewing which could result in a dramatic political make-over in the US and Europe with global implications. The upcoming 2016 US presidential elections are a wide-open free-for-all between probably Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and any one of several GOP candidates. Despite the GOP’s relentless and unending delusional commentaries on all topics, as the old adage goes, “If you say it often enough people will think it’s true.” And because Ms. Clinton is not universally liked amongst Democrat registered voters, the Republicans have an excellent chance of snagging critical votes, enough to install a closet hardliner or even a moderate who can be ‘turned’ into one. Should the GOP capture the highest office, it would mean the stark possibility of a massive rollback of laws created to protect US citizens from corporate and governmental malfeasance and converting the country into a de facto fascist-lite country with highly restrictive democratic choices.

A similar trend is emerging through Europe particularly France where center-left and rightwing candidates like Nicolas Sarkozy and Marie Le Pen, respectively, have grained enormous ground for the 2017 spring president elections. The heinous attack on the Charlie Hebdo office by radical militants and the heated issue of immigration and lack of social integration of first and second generation European-born citizens of Muslim backgrounds fuel this trend. A newly elected Republican US president will give powerful political and psychological impetus to the right-leaning candidates of other democratic countries. Even if rightwing candidates fail to secure the highest office, they will certainly have a powerful influence on their respective country’s domestic and international policy matters.

The forerunner and poster boy of the 21st century autocrat operating under democratic law is none other than Russia’s Vladimir Putin. He and his oligarch minions rule the country like an autocrat under the guise of a democracy whose laws are not worth the paper they’re written on. This Putin leadership model might be emulated by any future rightwing western head of state.

Coming full circle, Putin has proven with disturbing effectiveness how outrageous propaganda can be successful.  Recent Russian propaganda has followed the lead of earlier Republican propaganda tactics whose screaming lies have convinced more than enough highly educated people of their point of view despite hard and plentiful evidence to the contrary. Additionally American right-wingers evoke religion with the same ferocity as the Mideast militants they abhor. Their political diatribes, often with strong religious undercurrents, are a ruse to justify diluting the freedoms of its own citizens with draconian laws which makes them prisoners in their own countries.

In the past robust and prosperous economies kept the darker political forces in the dungeon. However the additional component of terrorism in these home countries give the perception on that only the right can deliver a “law & order” policy to halt future attacks. As proven it doesn’t. The USS Cole and 9/11 attacks occurred under the Republican watch.

This additional control will be enhanced and enforced by the increasingly insidious role of mega-corporations. Not only do these corporations have overwhelming economic influence, they have security and “crowd control” roles via in-house or outsourced private security firms. This makes CEOs de facto warlords renting out “guns for hire” who are not subject to the same laws as government security. They’re essentially a ‘shadow army’ where “the normal rules don’t apply” and persecution against civil rights violations is an expensive lost cause.

This is not a doomsday scenario rather a critical historical shift in the definition and real-life operation of democracy in which a loosely aligned cabal of hardliners worldwide are creating autocratic policies under the protection of democratic laws.

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