Monday, July 7, 2014

Luxury Higher Education in China

In China, the desire to obtain higher education from a Western institutions parallels the luxury goods market trend.  When Western luxury firms initially established stores in China, Chinese consumers still traveled overseas to shop in those same Western luxury stores because the overseas’ prices were lower than domestic ones. Western products and services have the perception of being of better quality and prestige.


With respect to prestigious higher education institutions, in order for them to succeed in China, there are several key steps that must be undertaken:

1.       Consistently populate the staff with well-known Western academics.

2.      Provide the same or similar courses and choice in China as in the institution’s home country.

3.      Establish tuition levels comparable to that in the higher education institution’s home country. It’s counter-intuitive, but the creating of exclusivity will provide the perception of the same quality education in China as if they traveled overseas to the same institution in the US or UK and thus the education received will not be compromised.

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