Monday, July 7, 2014

World Cup Hangover in Brazil

Initially the post-World Cup period will feature a brief calm before the next domestic ‘storm’ in Brazil. The dicey period will be before and after the elections regardless of what candidate and parties triumph. Though many of the expenditures for stadiums and infrastructure were for the World Cup, these same venues will serve the upcoming 2016 Olympics. Certainly more monies are needed to complete this task for new and uncompleted venues and this is how the protests will build into a crescendo.


The World Cup is a one sport (football specific), team sport – a collective - consisting of an exclusive handful of countries capable of winning the World Cup. Brazil as the host country with a deep football tradition represents a once-in-a-lifetime event for the citizenry and the World Cup is their big, feel-good party.

Psychologically the Olympics are profoundly different than the World Cup because it involves more countries for mostly individual sports in which Brazil is not a dominant country. For this reason because there is a significantly lower psychological connection to the Olympics than the World Cup, it justifies intensifying protests by all classes against government spending and alleged corruption on these projects.

In business, there is a short-term euphoria after completing a large, complex and difficult project.  Upon gearing up for an equally challenging project, management should prepare a careful assessment on why and how this new project is different than the just completed one taking into consideration possible additional funds, time and effort.  No two projects are ever alike in the corporate wars.  Just like the military wars, the French and German battled to a bloody stalemate in WW I.  But in WW II the Germans changed tactics over the same terrain while the French clung to their old model and lost within a month.

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