Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Clash of the Petro-Titans: Super OPEC vs the US

In an upcoming meeting during the week of February 18th, Russia and Saudi Arabia will discuss creating a non-binding alliance of OPEC (14 countries), the Russian led non-OPEC group (10) - known as OPEC+, and Mexico, a non-OPEC member. If the parties agree on this new alliance, a formal vote will take place sometime in April confirming its creation.

During this same period, US legislation called “The No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act 2019” - or Nopec -  is working its way through the House which would formally consider OPEC as a price-fixing organization subject to possible asset forfeiture in the US, most of which are owned by Saudi Arabia.

These new developments could in short-order create a Clash of the Petro-Titans that pits most oil producing countries against the US and could destabilize the oil markets featuring sustained price volatility.

The article with its full analysis and geopolitical perspectives is available via the following link:

Friday, February 1, 2019

Venezuela: 2019 Year Zero for Oil Investments

In fast moving events on Monday, January 28, the US Treasury imposed sanctions against the Venezuela national oil company, PDVSA, which blocks $7 billion in assets and $11 billion in revenue, a maneuver that could accelerate regime change. By severely reducing hard-currency revenue to the Venezuelan government it will be unable to provide its lucrative patronage to its military and potentially lose its support. The question now is, “Has Caracas fallen?”

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