Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Hong Kong | Past The Point of No Return

A dramatic role-reversal economic priority takes place as Hong Kong dilemma takes front & center precedence over the US-China trade negotiations.

China (PRC) is facing a lose-lose dilemma but must intervene decisively to contain the exponentially growing crisis and will focus on post-intervention damage control.

Depending on how the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) intervention plays out markets will either plunge temporarily if there is minimal resistance or crash if there is violent opposition.

With intervention gold prices will spike dramatically and remain at elevated levels as investors as Hong Kong is eliminated as a credible international financial center for the short to medium term.

For all particulars with this on-the-knife's edge geopolitical dilemma, please read Hong Kong | Past The Point of No Return.

Additionally for those wishing to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the fierce political undercurrents, my firm Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC has created a report entitled Hong Kong Outlook that includes a series of published articles on this matter.

Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC is a NYC-based  think-tank that provides international investment  & security risk assessments.

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