Tuesday, February 25, 2020

How Covid-19 Has Profoundly Infected The Global Supply Chain

Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC CEO presents a deep-dive into the delicate and highly vulnerable complexities of global logistics in his article - "How Covid-19 HasProfoundly Infected The Global Supply Chain".

The critical path elements of the global supply chain, including non-Chinese sources, are blocked leaving few alternatives especially for firms whose critical path is the only path.

Chinese suppliers and foreign buyers face a unique triad of challenges – operations, financial and legal - in restarting operations.

Black Swan II includes a mutation of Covid-19 and civil unrest events that could paralyze the global supply chain.

Firms in the post Covid-19 era will create more robust and diverse alternative supply chains thus Chinese manufacturers will permanently have less business even if their costs are competitive.

Wuhan is China’s manufacturing epicenter in which the world is dependent for automotive parts and technology shipments.

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